Conditions of Service

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A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on submission of  the booking form. Payment is due in full before the event.  Payment deadlines will be stipulated in the contract.


A refundable security deposit less any unforeseen costs, cost of electricity used, breakages and cost of minor damages to or loss from the facilities hired or any ZITF property in the vicinity of the facilities, caused by yourself or persons connected with this hire is included in the hire charges.


ZITF shall reserve the hired facilities and/or equipment for the whole of the agreed period upon receipt of the deposit or full hire charges.  However, should you fail to meet the required payments on due date you shall automatically forfeit the right to this reservation and any deposit paid to ZITF.  Similarly should you, for any reason whatsoever, cancel this hire, after paying the amount due, you will automatically forfeit 50% of the amount.

Exhibitions take precedence over all venue hires, should the need to stage an exhibition arise during the dates of your hire, ZITF reserves the right to cancel your booking and refund the full amount paid.


Under no circumstances will members of the public attending your function be permitted entry into the Exhibition Centre by car or any other vehicles.  There is adequate parking space outside the Centre.  A few delivery vehicles, official vehicles carrying invalid attendees/visitors may drive up to the hired facility via the Gate which will be stipulated in the contract only and depart by the same gate immediately after offloading their passengers.


ZITF has two sites for vehicle parking, they will be subject to availability at US$100 including VAT.  You must however, provide your own security guard to direct traffic and secure the gates.  Keys to the car park  Gate will be handed over to you when you collect the facility keys and it will be your responsibility to ensure that the Gates are secured after use.


Attendees/Visitors to the function must be confined to your area of hire and under no circumstances must they be allowed to wander to other areas of the Exhibition Centre.

If you are allocated any other Gate besides Gate 4 which is manned by ZITF guards you must make security arrangements for your account to prevent trespassing, by persons attending your function, to other areas of the Exhibition Centre.


You shall not paint, colour-wash or otherwise colour or disfigure any of the wall of any hall without prior written consent of the Authority. Any damages of whatsoever nature to the hired facilities or any ZITF property in the vicinity of the facilities caused by yourselves or persons connected with this hire, if not covered by the security deposit, will be your total responsibility.  ZITF will ensure that its property is repaired or re-instated satisfactorily and cost will be borne by you.

The present policy regarding the mutilation of the fabric of any ZITF Hall is:-

  • NO HOLES may be drilled in floors or walls or other fabric of our halls.
  • NO NAILS may be driven into our halls
  • NO PAINT or varnish of any kind may be applied to hall floors, walls or ceilings.
  • NO FLOOR COVERING may be stuck down

By adhesive. (Double-sided tape is quite acceptable).


Access to electrical or other technical facilities within the hired premises or elsewhere in the Exhibition Centre, must be in STRICT liaison with the Works and Estate Manager (available from Monday to Friday only between 8.00 am to 4.30pm.)


Some of the facilities have equipped kitchens, and
you have to hire your own caterer as ZITF does not
offer catering services.


All hired facilities will be available to you a day before the event for functions on weekdays from 8.00am and on Friday for weekend functions  from 12.00 noon for preparations of your function.


You shall receive the hired facilities and/or equipment in a clean and acceptable condition and you must return them to ZITF in an identical condition.  During the hire you will be responsible for the cleanliness of the premises and where toilets are in use, you will provide your own soap, towels and toilet tissues.
NB: It will be necessary to hire and for your account adequate refuse bins from ZITF for the disposal of all refuse particularly food, left overs and plastic disposables around the hired facilities.


You may not make any structural changes to the premises, floors, walls and fittings; paint or re-decorate, move furniture and other equipment out of the premises without permission from ZITF.


You are to exonerate ZITF from any claim of whatsoever nature that may arise as a result of your use of the above named facilities and/or equipment.


Under no circumstances will visitors/attendees to your function be allowed to use the hired facilities as overnight accommodation.

Bookings will not be accepted without an authorised person agreeing to these terms, stating that parties making a booking agree with the above terms and conditions of bookings.